Before Breakfast Champions House Rules


Perks and Skills

Comeliness Perks:

The COM Characteristic is replaced by one of the following perks:

-5 Ugly to the point of scaring small kids
-3 Real Ugly
-1 Distasteful
0 Average
+1 Fashionable
+3 Attractive
+5 Fashion model
+10 God(ess)like

Education Perks:

An education perk represents a whole slew of minor skills (Chem1,3, etc.) that were required in school but don't apply to the character's profession.

1 High School Diploma
2 College Degree
3 PhD, MD, etc.
+1 Professorship, tenured or not
+1 Licensed to practice (MD equivalent of professorship, etc.)

This way no one pays more than four points, which seems reasonable - the same points would get you speaking language as a native. If the character is a surgeon as well as a professor of physics, then that is probably as rare as someone who speaks their native tongue at the imitate dialect level.

Explanation: If you try to buy all the skills separately, the cost is prohibitive (about 20 points for a college education). Champions is supposed to charge you for usefulness, unlike GURPS.

Identity Perks:

These are variations on alternate documented IDs.

1 An ID anyone can crack given a little checking, ex. a fake drivers license.
2 An ID that the police can crack.
3 An ID a government agency can crack.
4 An ID a government would have trouble cracking, essentially one issued by a government.

General Skills:

Discard General Skills. (In the list one may substitute for KS: any of the skill groups, AK:, SC:, KS:, PS:, as appropriate. The difference between Sciences, Knowledge Skills, Professional Skills, and Area Knowledges is mainly which skill enhancer they fall under. s are more book learning, PSs more practical, and SCs somewhere in between. KS: Africa means you've read all the National Geographics for the last 25 years (KS: World might be more appropriate), while AK: Africa means you've actually been there. Obviously this makes Magma Lass' Seismology an AK as opposed to either PS or KS).

Replace General Skills as follows: