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Double Fu Combinations

The starting archetypes with two fu schticks are the Scrappy Kid and the Medic. Because of this, this section is biased toward characters who are not masters of martial arts, but have AV 13 or 14. This applies to most of the archetypes with one schtick who want to grow. A couple of the combinations are strong enough that a better character (3 or 5 fu schticks) may want to consider them.

This section is intended for people who have either only 2 fu powers and want to be good at one thing. If you want to be a little better at any two of offense, defense or movement, or want one of them and a chrome power, check out the Single Fu Powers section.

Combinations will be referred to either by the top power, if it is the focus, or by a new (silly) name which gives some clue as to the purpose of the combination.

The Anti-Magic and Anti-Arcanowave paths are not included because they only are useful to characters from the appropriate junctures and their utility is obvious.

Air Stance

"Nice move, what do you call that? Ducking."

The way to use this combination is to wait until someone attacks you. Declare that you are using Willow step (+2 dodge for current shot), then declare a Fox's Retreat (+5 dodge vs that opponent), for a total +7 dodge. Scrappy kids and Martial Artists can get to a dodge of 22 with this, Old Masters can get to 23, and if a Karate Cop somehow gets the power, she can dodge to 24

Note that if low on Fu, an active dodge combined with Willow Step will accomplish a +5. Also note that neither of these powers help with Parry, just with Dodge. I allow either power to be bought separately for Parry. (Wall of Steel for Willow Step, Turtle Sword for Fox's Retreat)

The Art of Fu Without Fu

"Your injuries indicate that your Chi is blocked. Let me just poke the needles in here..."

This is the only combination that works for a medic with 2 Fu schticks and a zero Chi. It gives the medic an effective weapon and the ability to heal Fu paralysis and damage caused by the Creature Power Soul Twist.



This power combination allows you to get the benefits of Drunken Stance without losing a shot for every action.

Drunken stance trades drinking penalties for a shot cost penalty for maintaining a continuous action. It has also provides the benefits of Eye of the Snake, and will sometimes prevent attacks. It requires only 1 Chi, so it can be learned by anyone who bought up chi a little. Given the severe drinking penalties in Feng Shui, this one can be valuable if you like to knock back a few. (My drinking house rules are different than Feng Shui's)

A House Rule of mine is that the first schtick can be used on almost any skill (driving, guns, medicine), and additional schticks can be bought for overcoming penalties for additional skills. However, you still have to do something strange to indicate that you are channeling Chi with your fu powers. See also the 5 Fu Power schtick Drunken Master.

I hate to say it, but this one works really well for a Scrappy Kid, because she has 7 fu to play with and starts with the 2 schticks required. The Medic gets some benefit, but since starting Fu is low, it is not as useful

Flying Windmill Kick


The prerequisite for Flying Windmill Kick insures that anyone with this power can get around (see Prodigious Leap). Flying Windmill Kick is powerful but has several drawbacks. It is slow, if the opponent active dodges it loses a lot of effectiveness and the user must do enough damage with a kick to bother someone with 8-12 toughness. This is best used with strong martial artists or Old Masters with the Strong Crane (2 fu power) technique. If taking this as a martial artist with 3 powers, choose a third power that will help when this maneuver is either not practical (low ceiling), or not recommended (versus very tough or fast opponents).

All drawbacks aside, if the user of this power is good enough to hit his opponent reliably, he has the potential to take out anyone. This maneuver is especially effective when combined with any teammate who can cause impairment (scrappy kid, agony grenade, vile spew, damage, darkness powers, etc).

Little Dragon

"I don't care if I can't reach very high - my Dragon technique works just fine at waist level..."

The Level 1 Dragon (Bite of the Dragon) fu power does +2 damage for 2 Chi. While it does work with weapons, this is nothing to get excited about. In general Signature Weapon, Fire Strike and Hands Without Shadow are better level 1 powers and are cheaper in Chi cost. Breath of the Dragon, however, is worth two schticks by itself. You get +3 AV for 3 Chi. Getting 1 AV per chi is a bargain, and allows the following useful effects:

Breath of the Dragon is expensive enough that it can only be done 2-3 times in a sequence. Scrappy Kids will use it mostly to mow down Mooks, using their Unique Schtick against Named opponents. A Martial Artist or Special Forces can do a lot of damage with Little Dragon plus a Signature Weapon.

The Patient Fox

"I perceive that your futile attempts to hit me have expended your chi and caused your fortune to abandon you. Now it is my turn!"

Fox's retreat is a good, solid defensive maneuver, as good versus a single opponent as Willow Step combined with an Active Dodge. The main reason to be in Fox, however, is the level 2 power Eyes of the Fox. Not even sorcery can give such exact information about the opposition. The only drawback is the analysis can only be done in combat. This path is great for the analytical scientist and detective types.

Strong Crane

"Enough of this foolishness!" (tosses 250lb weight away from student) Strength comes from proper technique, not from lifting dumbbell

This combination is only useful for people whose Chi is higher than their Str and who have a high Agility.

Crane Stance is useful, but not as good as Fox's retreat or Willow Step. Since the usual person with Crane is an Old Master or Scrappy Kid, their agility will normally high enough to get the +5. Crane Stance is mostly just a stepping stone to the Wing and Beak powers.

Wing of the Crane gives +3 damage for the whole sequence to a scrappy kid, using only 2 Chi. The rest can be used for Crane Stance dodging. Note that a Signature Weapon has the same damage bonus for no Chi and Willow Step is a more reliable and flexible dodge for the same cost. The main reason to give a Scrappy Kid Wing of the Crane is to allow him to be as strong as an adult when he is using his Fu.

The real power of Wing of the Crane comes when an Old Master uses it. The Old Master will get +6 damage with weapons in any campaign, and will do either 11-12 damage or 16 damage with bare hands, depending on the ruling of the GM concerning combining the Unique Schtick with Fu powers. This Schtick raises an Old Master's strength to 10, so he also gets to be stronger than most of the young punks. Combine this with Signature Weapon or a good 2-3-Fu power combination that works well with 8 chi, and the Old Master lives up to his name. Many Old Masters with 4-5 Fu schtick combinations that require strength will work toward this power with experience.

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