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Single Fu Powers

If you have only 1 Fu power, think about what you want your character to do better. The powers below are grouped into Offense, Defense, Movement and Chrome. Note that all Fu powers are not equal - Crane Stance is not as good as Fox's Retreat and Fox's retreat is not as good as Willow Step. However the Fox and Crane path lead to very useful powers for the right type of character, whereas Willow Step leads to several powers I personally do not care for very much. See the 2, 3, 4 and 5 Fu Power combinations if you do not see your favorite starting Fu power here.

This section is intended for people who have either only 1 fu power and are not intending to buy to a better combination, or as something to round out a character who has some other strong fu combination but has the ability to buy one additional schtick and is not too picky about the future.

The Anti-Magic and Anti-Arcanowave paths are not included because they only are useful to characters from the appropriate junctures and their utility is obvious.

Drunken Stance

This power trades drinking penalties for a shot cost penalty for maintaining a continuous action. It has also provides the benefits of Eye of the Snake, and will sometimes prevent attacks. It requires only 1 Chi, so it can be learned by anyone who bought up chi a little. Given the severe drinking penalties in Feng Shui, this one can be valuable if you like to knock back a few. (My drinking house rules are different than Feng Shui's)

A House Rule of mine is that the first schtick can be used on almost any skill (driving, guns, medicine), and additional schticks can be bought for overcoming penalties for additional skills. However, you still have to do something strange to indicate that you are channeling Chi with your fu powers. See also the 5 Fu Power schtick Drunken Master.

Fire Strike

This one compares favorably to using a weapon (STR+3 with fist, STR+4 with kick if barefoot), can do a little damage even if the opponent is very tough and will distract the opponent. This power looks cool, and does a lot of property damage. It combines very nicely with Sabotage. Finally it is very cheap, it requires only 4 fu to be used with every attack.

Do not use this for an Old Master if the Old Master can not use his +6 damage bonus with Fu Powers.

Friend Of Darkness

Buy this only if your character sulks around a lot in darkness and turns out the lights a lot. If this is your only power, you will have Fu lying around unused. But anyone who has read Daredevil comics knows how much fun it is to kill the power in a modern office building at night and beat up all the thugs before the power comes back on

Gathering of the Clouds

This allows you to blaze away at hotel security while driving your motorcycle up the stairs of the lobby without wasting shots. I like this one for special forces types who are cavalry or who like to shoot and drive at the same time. If you only have 4 chi, you can use it on every attack, barring snap shots and Carnival of Carnage.

Hands Without Shadow

This is the best offensive single power if fighting while outnumbered. Well trained mooks will dodge when attacked, knowing their buddies will fill you full of holes. Named characters are even worse. This does effectively +3AV versus anyone likely to dodge, and is very cheap - it can be used on every attack if your character has about 4 fu. A fun thing to do in single combat is to active dodge every time they try to hit you, then prevent them from dodging with this power when you attack.

Warning - Your GM may decide that this power will have no effect on someone who Parries instead of active dodging. If this is the case, watch out for people with shields or weapon styles that parry a lot. The Invincible Water Sword technique also has this wording problem. In Fu Power descriptions, the word Dodge means "Dodge or Parry" if the Fu Power is an attack.

Do not use this for an Old Master if the Old Master can not use his +6 damage bonus with Fu Powers unless using a signature weapon.

Natural Order

This one is kind of expensive, but it is just so cool to flip off the guy with the signature shotgun and take no damage. This is very demoralizing because the person with the gun has no way of knowing that you are out of chi and can't do it again. This one will sometimes force gunslingers to engage your martial artist in hand-to-hand

In my game, the word "Gun" in a Fu Power Description always means "Guns or Bows/Crossbows".

Prodigious Leap

Most people with martial arts are reasonably mobile, since Strength and Move are the same. If you find you can't get around on the battlefield fast enough or bad guys get away by running away, this is the best deal. For 1 chi and 1 shot you can move the same distance as 2 3 shot actions with dodging, or 1 3 shot action without dodging. You also get to leap over mooks to get at the named guy, leap over busy streets, jump from rooftop to rooftop and crash through 2nd or 3rd story windows.

Signature Weapon

Most people can do STR+2 damage at will (with kick or any improvised weapon.) A signature weapon that looks like a weapon will do STR+6 or STR+7 depending on how big and how sharp it is. A signature weapon that looks harmless will do STR+4 to STR+5. Another use is to get thrown weapons into gun damage range, but this only works if the GM allows a brace of shuriken to count as signature weapons. This is by far the best deal for extra damage and can be used by anyone because it costs no chi. Because it is not really a Fu power, it does not need a training sequence, just a good fit with the character's personality and backstory. And non-fu based martial artists only have to pay 4 exp to get the benefit.

This is not usually a good buy for an Old Master, since they do STR+6 damage with bare hands and feet. However if your GM does not allow the +6 damage in combination with Fu powers, a signature weapon can make it up with +6 or +7 damage for only 1 schtick.

The most creative use of a signature weapon I have heard of was an Everyday Hero who took his car as a signature weapon. Although it was very beat up and often perforated with bullets, it could never be totally destroyed.

Willow Step

The best single dodge maneuver, especially against multiple opponents. All other dodges (Fox's Retreat, Crane Stance) are defensive actions like Active Dodge that can not be used with an Active Dodge, and only work on one opponent. If you need +5 dodge, active dodge & use Willow Step. This maneuver will also protect you from the 20 mooks carefully aiming at you with their Uzi's - just use it on the shot they fire and get +2 dodge - it works on everyone in the shot it is played. It also has the advantage of being cheap in both Chi and shot cost.

In Fu Power descriptions, the word "Dodge" means "Dodge or Parry." if the Fu Power is an attack. If the Fu power is a defense, it means "Dodge", but can be bought separately for "Parry".(eg call Willow Step "Wall of Steel")

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