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I am a fairly private person, but I like to share ideas that I have regarding my current obsessions. I met my sweetie, The Other Gretchen because I posted a game idea to the Usenet. Since I have had good luck in the past with games, most of the references here are to essays on games that currently hold my interest.

When I first organized this page I was very into Shadowfist and Feng Shui, a collectable card game and a role playing game both based on Hong Kong action movies. While I don't play either much any more, the pages still get hits and have ideas I am still proud of. My Shadowfist decks are posted together with Gretchen's decks, since we share cards. The Feng Shui ideas are entirely my own.

Since Februrary 1997 (the last update) I ran a fun nostalgia game of 1st ed AD&D. Writeups which seemed amusing for people interested in that sort of thing were posted in in DejaNews for "TFH" (Team from Hommlet) and "AOE" (for "Artifacts of Evil" - My old 1979 PC's running through Tomb of Horrors after a 20 year delay). These were posted in November-December 1998 timeframe.

Right now I'm playing poker again, am playing several email boardgames and am generally enjoying the fact that I have moved back into Santa Cruz, and that my career has kept up with Gretchen's, allowing us to buy a beautiful Victorian house within walking distance of the downtown that we love.

To learn more about me and my friends, check out the Flick and the ECNG pages.

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