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My strongest and longest interest is reading; it's been my favorite activity literally since I learned how to. Fantasy of all sorts is my favorite, with fantasy being quite inclusive, from folk tales to mythology to science fiction to realistic fiction with bright imagery. I'm also somewhat addicted to mystery novels.

Role Playing

Perhaps a subset of reading, role playing games differ in that they are enacted primarily without rather than within, and are almost by definition a shared experience, even when the sharing is between a single actor and an audience of one. They're casual improv with the ability to back and fill, more limitless than the sky (and without performance anxiety).

It can certainly be argued that role playing has been very significant in my life: after all, I met my sweetie by accident, through a play-by-email RPG he was running in 1988.

MUDs are usually an online subset of RPGs.

Vocational Avocations

My fascination with toys and games must be what led me into my current career of system administration and Internet habit/hobby that keeps me indoors too much... or perhaps it's merely my obsession with definitions, words, and lists.

Other Games

I also like board and card games, though I'm picky about the kinds of war-games I play; the most addictive one in this class is Shadowfist, a completely endearing collectible card game, based on Hong Kong action movies, of which I am quite fond. Or I might play with some of my monitor-top toys, late at night....

More Practical Hobbies

I'm fond of music, but who isn't? I tend to favor almost anything with a good female vocalist, industrial, alternative, some classical, and random things that I impulse-buy from listening stations.

Foodwise I'm fond of most things at some times, but very picky; I'll have weeks where I don't want tomatoes, and weeks where I crave them, for example. This makes me a pain to go to restaurants with, especially when I have been "restauranted out" and must resort to my own cooking, dubious as that often is.

This blossomed with the purchase of my immense pink/purple Victorian into a deep interest in gardening, particularly culinary gardening. The (loose) theme of my garden is edibles, natives, and things that happened to already be planted there that I liked and let live. I have more kinds of mint than one really should, and it's deeply satisfying when I have time to pay attention to it, and always surprising and fun when I don't: take a breath, and something new has flowered! It's a pleasing contrast to my job, which often seems like a job of creation against naturally entropic forces. It's nice to have things come up on their own.... even if they then proceed to devour the house.

Off and on I exercise, particularly bicycling. I have been shamelessly neglecting this hobby, however. Bicycling is really wonderful, but doesn't go well with the startup lifestyle since I tend to sleep on weekends to make up for the hard week.... and it's easier to walk than ride to work.

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